Why are sanitising products so important in medicine?

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Hand rubs, a foaming hand dispenser and the Bowie-Dick Test all help medical professionals to help prevent the spread of contamination during important procedures.
Whenever you enter the offices of your doctor or dentist, you’ll probably notice an alcohol-based hand rub that is easily available for both patients and staff. You will also see these hand rubs in hospital wards and clinical departments and, along with a foaming hand dispenser, they are one of the easiest ways to help stop the spread of infection.Poor sterilisation techniques are another avenue for the spread of pathogens, which is why medical professionals not only use hand rubs and a foaming hand dispenser, but they also sterilize all of their medical instruments as well.

Let’s look at how infections can be spread in medical departments and surgeries and then how this can be prevented using hand rubs and a foaming hand dispenser. Then we will look at why the Bowie-Dick Test, which ensures that autoclaves are performing optimally, is another essential step in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases.

Three ways that infectious diseases are usually spread

There are three usual modes of transmission for infectious diseases:

  • When infected people contaminate their own hands and then touch other people or objects.Common diseases include influenza, staphylococcus and salmonella infections.
  • When uninfected people touch or are touched by people or objects that have become contaminated. Common diseases include salmonella, hepatitis A, B and C.
  • When people are in close proximity to someone who is infected by an airborne infection and the infected person coughs or sneezes. Common disease include meningitis, whooping cough and the measles.

The three reasons above are why hand rubs, a foaming hand dispenser and face masks are some of the best strategies to prevent the spread of infection.

What is the Bowie-Dick Test?

Just pressing the button on an autoclave machine doesn’t guarantee that the instruments have been sterilized correctly. This is why the Bowie-Dick test is so important, because it tests whether all of the room air has been removed from the autoclave, before sterilization takes place. Sterilization can only take place in a vacuum and if any air is left in the autoclave, the instruments will not be sterilized correctly.

For more information on our range of hand rubs, foaming hand dispensers and Bowie-Dick Test cards, call Enpower Supply Solutions on 07 3372 4490 or shop online now.


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