Cavex Impresafe 1L Disinfectant


Cavex Impresafe 1L Disinfectant

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Cavex Impresafe 1L Disinfectant Concentrate produces 33 Litres

Cavex ImpreSafe is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses but does not affect the surface of the impression. Cavex ImpreSafe is a non-toxic disinfectant that is aldehyde free and needs no more than three minutes to be effective. Due to this short contact time the surface of the impression will remain 100 per cent intact and the end result uncompromised. Submerging the impression into ImpreSafe covers the exposed impression and tray, unlike disinfectant sprays.

Cavex ImpreSafe is easy to use. On completion of the impression rinse the impression under water and then submerge in a filled ImpreSafe bath containing the ImpreSafe disinfectant. Set the timer for three minutes. Remove the impression after three minutes and bag in a zip lock bag till required. Due to the ease of the system, implementing Cavex ImpreSafe into practice daily routines and impression disinfecting protocols is effortless.

Cavex ImpreSafe has been thoroughly tested by expert laboratories (official reports on and has proven to be a reliable and highly effective disinfection system. It complies with DGHM guidelines and EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14561, EN 14562.

Cavex ImpreSafe is supplied in a highly concentrated disinfection fluid. 30 ml of Cavex ImpreSafe is diluted with 1L of water, making a total of 33 litres of ready-to-use disinfectant in 1 bottle. A starter kit is available and includes 1 litre of Cavex ImpreSafe disinfectant, a disinfection container, three-minute timer, impression zip lock bags, and a protocol sheet.

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