Essential Hygiene Angel Blue hand sanitiser surgical mask glove

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Dental products such as a hand sanitizer and surgical face masks help to prevent cross infection, but what other measures do dentists take to keep you safe?

Maintaining a clean, healthy and infection free environment for patients means that dentists need to utilise a variety of hygiene dental products in their surgery. In fact, Australian Law requires dentists to adhere to certain standards of infection control that are designed to prevent or minimise the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

You will have noticed that your dentist or oral hygienist always wears a surgical face mask when they are attending to you in the surgery. A surgical face mask is one of the essential hygiene dental products that helps to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria or viruses between people.

Let’s take a look at some of the other dental products used by your dentist to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your family at the dentist’s surgery.

Hand sanitizer: Your dentist or oral hygienist will not only wash their hands thoroughly between patients, but they will also use a hand sanitizer and wear gloves. All of this is to prevent passing bacteria or viruses between patients, and between the staff at the surgery and their patients.

Protective glasses: Many dentists use protective glasses as well as a surgical face mask, but some have started to wear protective face shields instead of glasses. This face shield protects the dentist’s eyes and face from being doused with any bodily fluids or other liquids that can cause injury or infection, as well as protecting the patient from being exposed to coughs or runny noses.

Autoclave sterilizers: These are one of the most important hygiene dental products in the surgery and are an essential piece of equipment. Autoclaves sterilize the dental instruments, eliminating any possibility of cross infection between patients.

Sharps containers: Needles and blades must always be disposed of safely to prevent injury or cross infection to both staff and patients. The bright yellow sharps containers that you see in your dentist’s surgery are essential dental products that are meant to store and transport these hazardous materials, until they can be disposed of safely.

Cleaning products: Your dentist will use special detergents and cleaning products to ensure that all surfaces, including chairs, headrests, and other equipment that cannot be sterilised, are kept clean at all times.

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