Safety and hygiene equipment at wholesale prices

The use of safety and hygiene equipment is mandatory within the healthcare and medical industry and for many allied occupations across Australia. At Enpower Supply Solutions, we have a large range of safety equipment, for example protective eyewear, surgical face masks and even labcoats and protective gowns, all at wholesale prices.

Who uses our safety and hygiene equipment?

Our large range of products are used by dental and medical practices, as well as by schools and daycare centres, tattoo studios and beauty salons. When you have to keep a constant supply of safety and hygiene products at your business, it is good to know that you can save money by purchasing them at wholesale prices, rather than retail.

Protective eyewear is worn by anyone who needs to protect their eyes from bodily fluids or chemicals being accidently sprayed into their eyes, during the course of their work. Eye injury is a real hazard in some occupations, but bodily fluids can also cause havoc by transferring diseases that can have serious consequences. We have both clear and tinted protective eyewear available on our website.

A surgical face mask will help to protect both the health professional and their customers from airborne microbes that can cause infections, as well as infections that can be transferred by touch (touching your nose and then transferring the infection by touching another person). We have a range of different surgical face masks available on our website, depending on your needs.

Labcoats are a type of disposable gown that is designed to protect the wearer from splashes of chemicals or body fluids. They are a very economical way to protect your clothes at work and are available with or without pockets. We also have front button disposable gowns or labcoats, as well as isolation gowns.

If you operate a business in any of the healthcare industries that require your employees to wear protective eyewear, a surgical face mask, labcoats or protective gowns, then shop now and buy at our discounted wholesale prices, saving you serious money at the checkout.

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