Dental Equipment and Supplies for Your Sydney Practice

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Working as a dentist, you want to ensure that you have enough supplies to make it through every patient appointment. At Enpower Supply Solutions, we have a wide range of dental supplies for your Sydney practice meaning that you can shop for what you require in one place. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, with our company based in Brisbane and stock ready to be shipped to your door. We remove the hassle of you having to order from multiple suppliers. Our online shop will also save you time so you can get back to doing what is important.

Large Range Dental Supplies for Sydney Dentists

Consumables in your Sydney dental practice help to make your workload easier, and you can order extra supplies to have on hand by browsing through our various categories. Whether you need cotton pellets, gloves, disinfectant, sharps containers, mouth rinse cups or protective sleeves for your equipment inventory, you will find them in our comprehensive catalogue of supplies.

Many of our consumables are available in various sizes to help you offer a more comfortable service to your patients. For example, our cotton pellets come in four sizes from extra small to large, and our supply of gauze pads have two different sizes. Need absorbent paper points? Our selection is colour coded so you can find what you need at a glance and the rolled shaped means they are stiff, yet flexible for ideal working quality.

You can maintain excellent clinical hygiene and safe dental practice with our supply of disinfectants that kill bacteria and viruses, detergents, sharp bins and protective sleeve covers for your dental equipment. Your Sydney practice will remain fully functional yet protected from fluids and contamination with our range of sleeves for trays, lights, headrests, tubes and more. For other essential dental equipment and supplies, you can easily browse our inventory online which we have conveniently sorted into categories including autoclave accessories, barrier products, day to day, preventative, restorative, endodontic care and more.

Excellent Customer Service

We know that time in between patients can be limited, yet you can stock our online virtual cart with products throughout the day, and you can check out when you’re ready. Once you create an account, a few clicks of a button mean that you can relax while you wait for your supplies to be shipped directly to your door. As we are an Australian owned company, we ship your order from the same country, and there is no need for you to wait weeks for supplies and potentially risk running out in the interim.

If you prefer browsing through a physical catalogue of products in your free time, our friendly team of consultants will send you a copy, and you can let us know what you need. We can also help you source products we don’t list in our catalogue. Simply let us know, and we will do the hard work tracking it down while you focus on taking care of your patients. Contact us today to order dental supplies and equipment for your Sydney practice.


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