Buy sanitizer and other cleaning chemicals in bulk and save money

When you own a small business, you can spend an enormous amount of your budget on buying essential hygiene items, such as hand sanitizer, cleaning products, hand rub and paper towels. Even more annoying is that you need a constant supply of these items, so you always need to include them in your budget.Buying these items from your local supermarket might seem like a good idea. After all, your local supermarket is not far away and it only takes a few minutes to pop out and refresh your supply of hand sanitizer, hand rub, foaming soap dispenser, paper towels, and so on.The problem is that this is the most expensive way to buy hygiene and cleaning products for your business, because you will pay the full retail price for small volumes of products. The most sensible way to save as much money as possible on these consumables is to buy them in bulk, because the more you buy, the more money you save.

Saving money on consumables by buying in bulk

Keeping up with a supply of hand sanitizer or hand rub can be expensive, and these are some of the items with the highest markup at your local supermarket. Therefore it’s even more important to, consider buying these items in bulk, as you will save a considerable amount of money over the financial year.

For example, the cost of a foaming soap dispenser cartridge can easily be $20 or $25 if bought in small quantities, whereas a bulk purchase of 6 dispensers can be as low as $14 each. If you have a free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser, then you can buy 5L of antibacterial hand rub for around $21, which is a huge saving on the supermarket prices of around $6 for 250mls.

Paper towels are also an expensive product to buy locally, whereas buying in bulk online can save you lots of money. You can grab a carton of 24 x 24cm paper towels that includes 16 packs of 150 towels for less than $40, which is a great deal and sure to save you a lot of money this year.

Don’t forget that you can buy even larger packs of detergent, up to 15L in some instances, resulting in fewer trips to the supermarket and a value for money purchase. So if you need to purchase a number of consumable hygiene products for your company, SHOP NOW and start cutting down your budget and saving money.

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